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MANLEY Labs Headphone Ampli casque à tubes riche de possibilités et préampli à tubes. Un manley c'est toujours étonnant. On en est top fan MANLEY Labs made USA

MANLEY Labs Headphone Ampli casque à tubes riche de possibilités et préampli à tubes. Un manley
3 590.00 €
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45 J à deux mois
Dont Eco-participation : 1.00 EUR

Manley Headphone amp le nouvel ampli casque de salon à tubes. Comme tous les amplis que Manley Labs consent à produire pour le monde de la hifi, l'esthétique n'est vraiment pas leur point fort. En revanche côté acoustique Manley labs ne sait faire que des Stars...

On a dejà parlé du Manley Stingray qui conjugue à la fois les grandes qualités acoustiques (un vrai trésor !) pour animer des enceintes hifi du haut de ses 32 watts qui savent emmener presque toutes les enceintes hifi et nous offre une sortie casque audio hifi aux étonnantes qualités acoustiques. Déjà un beau succès auprès du public.
On a découvert tardivement que sa sortie casque n'était pas en reste. Donnant ainsi au Manley Stingray le double statut de remarquable d'amplificateur audio stéréo pour enceintes hifi et pour casque !

Le Manley Headphone ampli nous est promis pour l'été. On est terriblement impatient. on en salive déjà, on connait très bien les performances, les atouts et les qualités techniques des productions Manley.

Feature Rich

There are twelve independent controls designed for maximum performance and customizable handling of sonic adjustments for a wide variety of audio experience. Of special import are the custom hand-wound air-gapped dual-mode MANLEY IRONⓇ output transformers, designed and manufactured at the Manley Labs factory in Chino, California. With a push of the button, these transformers are easily user-configured to drive three ranges of headphone loads, from 12 to 600 Ohms or greater. Additionally, the output stage can be switched on-the-fly between all-triode Push-Pull and Single-Ended topology.

The Variable Feedback switch applies from 0dB to 10dB of Global Negative Feedback around the amplifying stages while maintaining absolutely ruler-flat frequency response across the audio band, demonstrating how stable this design really is. For absolute transparency and reference tracking accuracy the Volume Control is performed by a Precision Stepped Relay ladder matrix. Furthermore, left-right Balance control is also provided to trim out uneven recordings. The Manley Headphone Amplifier operates fully symmetrically, enabling it to drive balanced headphones through its XLR outputs. Standard non-balanced ¼” TRS jacks are also provided. When the headphone amplifier is powered down, another very useful feature is included, a direct preamplifier output which routes your first line input through the system to feed an external power amplifier or powered loudspeakers. Useful, as your main audio system source can drive either playback system without having to change upstream cabling. Thus, the Manley Headphone amplifier can also be used as a stand-alone transformer-coupled preamplifier!

The Headphone Overload Protection System is also user-configurable so that exotic and precious headphones are never overdriven. We proudly incorporate our newest innovative purpose-designed-for-audio High Voltage switching power supply into our new Manley Headphone Amplifier. All super-low impedance DC rails are fully regulated and worlds quieter than any linear supply we have ever encountered. The resulting sound is fast and dynamic with deep punchy bass, dead-quiet inky blacks and superior headroom.

The Manley Headphone Amplifier also incorporates Bass and Treble Tone Control circuits. What? In an audiophile product?!! Yes! And why not? We have been building legendary equalizers for recording studios for decades. We know how to do this well! Adjust the flavor of the sound to your preference, or invoke total bypass of the EQ circuits for purist listening sessions.

The Design Team

The Manley Headphone Amplifier is a very unusual and visually striking audio sculpture, available in three different colors for today’s lifestyle choices: Champagne & White, Titanium & Bronze, or Copper & Black. Manley V.P. of Engineering and Design, Zia Faruqi, developed its concept and industrial design. “I wanted to create a design that would reflect the use of this piece of equipment. Its shape was inspired by a head, a piece that you could rest your headphones on, a piece that you want to indulge yourself in.” Mitch Margolis, of Manley Steelhead fame, worked with our lead engineer Humberto Rodriguez to finalize and finesse the unit and to bring it into production, in America, of course!

Caractéristiques et Qualités
Vacuum Tube design, 2 x 12AT7A Drivers, 4 x 6AQ5 Triode Strapped output tubes
Single-Ended or Push-Pull amplifier operation
Precision Stepped Relay Volume Control with Thumb Wheel
Selectable headphone load settings: 12-50 Ohms, 50-200 Ohms, 200-600 Ohms
Variable Feedback Control: 0–10dB of negative feedback
Balance, Treble and Bass Controls use silent conductive plastic potentiometers
Tone Bypass for purist signal path
All switching via high-grade gold-contact relays
3 x Stereo Outputs: Balanced XLR headphone outs, Unbalanced standard ¼” TRS headphone jack, RCA Preamplifier Outputs
2 x Analog line-level RCA inputs
Mono / Stereo function
Mute Switch
User adjustable Headphone Overload Protection System
MANLEY IRONⓇ hand-wound wide bandwidth air-gapped output transformers
Preamplifier Direct output routes Input 1 direct to output when unit is in standby
Soft Start, mute-controlled power-up sequence
High Speed, Low Impedance, Low Noise custom switching PSU
Operating Mains Voltage: 90~250VAC universal works worldwide
Mains Voltage Frequency: 50~ 60Hz
Solid Aluminum Billet Chassis
Real Wood Walnut Burl Trim
Maximum Output Power: 1W
Unit Dimensions: 11.5 x 5.5 x 8.2” (LxWxH)
Unit Weight: 12 lbs.

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