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VOVOX Vocalis XLR câble audio interconnection SYMETRIQUE-modulation issu du monde professionnel, conçu et fabriqué Suisse- prix pour la paire 2X1M VOVOX made in Switzerland

VOVOX Vocalis XLR câble audio interconnection SYMETRIQUE-modulation issu du monde professionnel,
399.00 €
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Balanced Interconnect Cable

Advanced High End: VOVOX® vocalis IC balanced offers musical enjoyment at the highest stage. The common-mode suppression guarantees transmission reliability as it is needed in the professional audio industry. The special helical design with three identical solid-core conductors assures outstanding sound quality.

  • Solid -core conductors of 99.95% pure OFC-copper
  • Optimized cable design to minimize surface boundary
  • balanced, non-shielded cable construction
  • with mass-optimized, gold plated XLR connectors

The benchmark: The ear

All VOVOX® sound conductors follow the same design basics. In contrast to most suppliers of cables, when optimizing our products we do not gear them to some physical values such as the ohmic resistance or capacity. That's because we have learned through much extensive testing, that the effects of a sound conductor are too complex to be reduced to a few measurables. And, it is not our target to develop cables with outstanding data sheet values, but sound conductors with the best possible sound transmission properties. The best measurement device for this purpose is definitely the human sense of hearing.

Conductor materials

The selection of the right conductor material is crucial for the sound. The basis of VOVOX® vocalis sound conductors is solid-core conductors made from oxygen-free high purity copper.

Minimized Boundary Surfaces

Cables have many surfaces, or more precisely expressed, boundary surfaces, like the grain boundaries in copper, or the boundary between the conductor surface and the insulation. Each boundary is a source of imperfection. VOVOX® sound conductors are made of single solid core conductors. Using this construction, the total boundary surface is reduced by up to 90% compared to stranded wires. Due to the special construction of VOVOX® vocalis IC balanced without shielding screen, the boundary surface is further strongly reduced.

Additional grounding conductor

The conductors within a cable must fulfil several functions. The shield has the main function of protecting the signal conductor from interference. In most cables, the shield is also used as the return signal conductor. In case of VOVOX® vocalis IC balanced these functions are consequently separated. For that reason we are using an additional conductor of the same high quality for ground. The protection from interference is given by common-mode suppression in this cable construction.


VOVOX® vocalis sound conductors are covered with special polymers and a fine netting of natural fibers. Although plastics are not directly involved in the signal transmission, they do have an effect on the sound quality. VOVOX® doesn't use any PVC. Only pure plastics without plasticizers are used.

Conductor Spacing

Current induces electromagnetic fields encircling every conductor. If the distance between two conductors is too small, interactions and interferences are created. The result is an audible loss of sound quality. As a consequence, the conductors are arranged at well-defined, relatively large distances.

VOVOX® sound conductors are hand-assembled in Switzerland. The cables, including the solder, are lead-free.

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